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KATIPUNERO is an all filipino, family-oriented, casual raiding alliance guild on Trollbane - within the World of Warcraft game. We've been together for over a year, and our members come from all walks of life. We try to accommodate each individual and try our best to have fun and progress at the same time. We are built on a foundation of strength in war and unity of souls, placing a mentality of ' no one left behind ' first and foremost in all cases. Respect and Honor are cardinal virtues along with Intellect, Compassion, and Brother/Sister-Hood.

In the spirit of our ancestral Katipuneros, we pride ourselves with having a "samahan", a tight-knit camaraderie and we do our best to help each other on working towards the guild's progression.

We speak our Filipino native tongue Tagalog in chat and Ventrilo, we speak English sometimes inside the guild and most of the time outside of the guild.

Recruitment status for raiders is currently open. Dont hesitate to fill in an application.

Any questions please visit our forum or contact Senakulo/Kidlat in-game.

Salamat Po.
Good News ! Katipunero's are taking it to the next level.
Soon to rise on the heart of Manila, Philippines. Join us on our dream and be part of it. Mabuhay ang KATIPUNERO of TROLLBANE!!!
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New Schedule
Skeletonjack and Senakulo will lead Group I Kidlat (Lightining Progression Group), gathering time tuesday 10pm server time. Composition: main only no alts (selected members only).

Kung may katanungan paki-antay lang po ako mag-online, at kung di na makapag-antay tumawag lang sa 0917-348-7851 (9 pm to 1 am server time) at buong galak ko kayo sasagutin.

Maraming salamat po.

Luv ko to !
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